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We have sort of a triangle thing going here.

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❝ You are not the heaviness
sitting inside of you.
You are not the battlefield
where the bodies fall,
and you are not the sound of cannons
breaking the sky open.
You are what happens after the war.

The surviving.

The healing.

The rebuilding. ❞
— Y.Z, for the bad nights (via mirroir)
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❝ I had a dream about you. We were in the gold room
where everyone finally gets what they want.
You said Tell me about your books, your visions made
of flesh and light
and I said This is the Moon. This is
the Sun. Let me name the stars for you. Let me take you
there. The splash of my tongue melting you like a sugar
We were in the gold room where everyone
finally gets what they want, so I said What do you
want, sweetheart?
and you said Kiss me. Here I am
leaving you clues. I am singing now while Rome
burns. We are all just trying to be holy. My applejack,
my silent night, just mash your lips against me.
We are all going forward. None of us are going back.
— Richard Siken, Snow and Dirty Rain (via lipfused)
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Prison tattoos without the prison time. DIY or die. Stick and Poke tattoo tutorial brought to you by The Annachrist. Yes, it hurts. Including photos of three I did to myself and one on my brother.

As someone who trained as a tattoo artist (before having to give it up due to disability) let me tell you exactly why this is a spectacularly bad idea. 

First off, you could permanently damage somebody’s skin. You don’t know what you’re doing, and no matter how safe you think you’re being with your rubbing alcohol and your gloves, you’re not. Tattoo artists go through a lot of training about blood borne pathogens and how to prevent transferring them to others, and they pay a lot of money to make sure used needles are properly disposed of. They also spend a minimum of two years as an apprentice before they’re let loose on human skin. You think a quick tutorial on Tumblr is going to give you the equivalent of that sort of training?

How are you going to dispose of that needle you use? Drop it in the trash, where some sanitation worker could end up getting needle stick? You don’t know what diseases your friend could have, and I bet you’ve no idea how long certain diseases that are carried by blood and plasma can survive outside the body.

Also, alcohol thins the blood. Your friend will end up bleeding excessively, which will make it harder to tattoo them, and will push the ink out, making it not only take longer but it will also result in uneven ink distribution in the finished piece.

Best case scenario, you end up with a home made dot work tattoo made of blobby lines. Worst case scenario, you could end up with blown out ink, an infection, an allergic reaction to the ink (yes, that can happen!), badly damaged skin, and possibly a ruined friendship. In a lot of states and countries, you’re breaking the law by giving someone a tattoo if you’re not licensed.

Do the sensible thing. Go to a professional, pay for their knowledge and expertise, respect yourself and your friends enough to know this isn’t a good idea, and don’t do this just because you saw a tutorial and thought it was cute. 

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Nicki Minaj for The Fader

Nicki Minaj for The Fader

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I had my father get sick when I was 22. And I was poor, alright. And my father had an ulcer, and it exploded and you know all these toxins get in your blood. And basically, my father died, whatever, 50 days after his ulcer. So I had a father get sick while I was poor.

My mother got sick when I was rich. And my mother, you know… I don’t really want to get into it, but my mother was sicker than my father. And my mother’s alive. My mother’s fine, OK? I remember going to the hospital to see my mother and wondering, ‘Was I in the right place?’ Like, this was a hotel. Like it had a concierge, man.

People don’t… if the average person really knew the discrepancy in the health care system, there’d be riots in the streets, OK? They would burn this motherfucker down!”

Chris Rock [video]

Bringing this back, because some people don’t seem to understand that there is a discrepancy in the quality of care among poor, middle-class, and wealthy people, NO MATTER HOW DEBILITATING THEIR RESPECTIVE DISEASES MAY BE.

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drew was so pretty

Drew is STILL pretty yo

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