Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2006


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2006

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…or if you just don’t know the difference anymore. 

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If you do this none of your past is going to remain hidden. (extended scene)

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"Priest of Urabrask"
[Artist: Clint Cearley]


"Priest of Urabrask"

[Artist: Clint Cearley]

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❝ Kill the cock and stop the sun rising, brother,
free me from your come-to-pass.
Are you proud of yourself, to see me brought so low?
Is this some morality tale spun by a spiteful boy-deity who
still refuses to see how my love surpasses the others?
If so, then what do you call the exquisite violence
that floods my lungs at the sound of your name?
What is love but the tsunami that forces me to my knees
when you speak of my place in your father’s kingdom?
Were you to ask me to open a vein for you,
gladly would I bleed a river of my love,
smear your name on every pillar of that temple.
The holy of holies resides within the courtroom of your ribs,
all of the Torah is inscribed on your tongue,
and the presence of Elohim alights on you.
I can’t scrape the light of you out from under my skin,
you who accepted a woman’s council over mine,
who welcomed pagans and swindlers into our ranks,
who wished denial on me and left me to succumb to it.
It’s your own fault for building your church on limestone,
on a rock that turns to dust in the prying fingers
of slave girls with candlelit faces.
You shouldn’t expect anything more than brokenness
from a man who cracked his own ribs in order to
fit every last bit of you into his heart.
The keys to the kingdom are weighty around my neck
and the word saint tastes of poison on this treasonous tongue.
So let it be said that I never knew the man, at least for tonight.
Let me run for a few hours from the Messiah who is far removed
from the warrior all my boyhood stories promised me.
Tonight, let me be a heretic,
for dawn will find me crawling back to you,
vomiting my penitence and begging your favor,
because it would appear I am nothing without it
and good for nothing else. ❞
— "Lamentation of Peter (or you must be one of them)” by S.T. Gibson (via sarahtaylorgibson)
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Anonymous inquired:

If I was looking for somewhere to start reading Wonder Woman comics, what writer/artist would you recommend to start with?


Oh man I’ll always recommend starting with Greg Rucka’s run because I shit you not it’s amazing. So start out with Volume 2, which is massive, but don’t worry, you don’t have to read all of it. (Unless you want to, entirely up to you.)

Rucka wrote the following storylines:

In the stories you’ll be introduced to Diana, who’s an ambassador of Themyscira, with the mission to bring peace to the outside world. It has a nice supporting cast and you get to meet friends, family and of course enemies. Next to that definitely check out Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, which is a graphic novel written by Rucka as well.

After that I’d go for Volume 3. It starts with the storyline Who is Wonder Woman? In which Donna Troy (Diana’s little sister) has temporarily taken over the role of Wonder Woman after Diana’s “disappearance”, who then has to rescue her. I really enjoyed vol. 3 and I highly recommend it. (Especially Gail Simone’s run, which starts with the storyline The Circle, but don’t forget to check out the other stories before that!)


(The masterpost doesn’t include the Amazons Attack! crossover event. You can download the torrent of entire event here. For a reading list click here.)

If the links on the masterpost don’t work, or if you’re not familiar with uTorrent; I’ve uploaded files myself already, just in case.

Alternative links:

Apologies If the Rise of the Olympian file isn’t working; I’ve got two other links here instead, I hope this fixes the problem.

(The reason I decided to upload the files by storyline and not just upload one big file is ‘cause Zippy has a 200mb rule, and ‘cause Mediafire was acting a bit weird for me. I hope this is enough for now to get you started if you have any questions come find me, happy reading (。・ᴗ・。)ノ♡)

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I got a healthy operation here, and I didn’t build it brooding on the right and wrong of things.

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